Flying Ladybug Insect Simulator 3D

Fly over the meadow like a beautiful and cute insect – red ladybug with black dots! Meet absolutely new Flying Ladybug Insect Simulator 3D game for all the animal simulator lovers! Become a pretty wild insect — bright ladybug!
Plunge into the fantastically wild meadows, fields, plains, and hills and enjoy the beautiful micro world being little red explorer! Fly across the plains and forests, watch the grass, fight with every predator, search for food, protect your nest from aggressive monsters and raise up little ladybugs properly in Flying Ladybug Insect Simulator 3D! Don’t forget to check your flier health, energy, water and food indicators to survive!
Don’t relax and be attentive, keep yourself alert - aggressive insects, such as bees, beetles, spiders or butterflies are nearby you! Moreover, larger predators like frogs and rats are always ready to feed on your dead body! Take this challenge and have fun!
Earn points for successive survival, fights and mission completion! Use earned points to power up your characteristics, buy new abilities and even new skins for your ladybug – will it be spring, grim, winter or flame ladybug insect and others!
Explore dangerous territories full of predators, harvest nectar from every flower, protect your nest and rule each wilderness field and hill with Flying Ladybug Insect Simulator 3D! Live a life of the real ladybug with our animal survival simulator!
Flying Ladybug Insect Simulator 3D features:
	Chance to live the ladybug insect life
	Pretty colorful ladybug as the main character
	Huge wilderness full of dangerous predators
	Various ways to improve and level up your ladybug
	Beautiful 3D graphics for unlimited pleasure
Start your own wild adventures in this realistic micro world with Flying Ladybug Insect Simulator 3D!

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2017-05-25 20:12:57
Version: 1.0
Seller: Geimz Banner Netvork, OOO
Size: 99.48 MB